I didn't know this was possible until I paid attention to what I was doing to cause the opposite effect and then put action into motion to change what I was doing.  With baby steps, I was able to turn my health around so that I now live my life with vibrancy and enthusiasm.

If you are over 40 and you are ...

... Sick of living with pain

... Tired of feeling exhausted

... Fed up with weight loss obsession

... Confused about how to have balanced hormones

... Tired of trying to be everything to everyone

... Scared you have early Alzheimer’s

You are on the right track and I’m happy you’re here.  I take a holistic approach to your health by helping you tap into your own insights, personal strengths and resources and goal setting. I help you identify action steps you want to take and then I provide accountability toward your healthy lifestyle changes.  I follow the scope of practice as identified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching

Hippocrates said FOOD IS MEDICINE.  It has the power to harm you or heal you.  Every day, you make a decision to either feed disease or feed health.  It's time to choose health!  It's time to choose YOU!

Grab my free gifts to help you get started and check out my signature programs to see my holistic approach to life-long health.  I offer different programs based on your needs and the investment depends on your health goals. 


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Bernice W.


I had a "wow" moment this morning that I wanted to share with you all. I saw my heartburn meds on my dresser and thought, I haven't taken them in a while. . . since doing the 21 Clean Eating I am no longer taking heartburn meds!! I used to be awakened by excruciating pain in the middle of the night, grabbing my chest and freaking out my husband! THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED SINCE WE STARTED CLEAN EATING!! (even if I fall for a meal or two)! Thank you Karen Schatz Croll for your wisdom and support for making this important to me and my husband!!

Stephanie G.


I came to Karen to shift my current life into a more fulfilling and healthy life.  Karen was very dedicated and accessible to me and was genuinely interested in helping me make this shift.   I learned that I love taking care of myself and finding new ways to enjoy life.  As a result of eating more whole foods flexitarian diet and exercising, my A1C and blood pressure have been at their lowest in 5 years!

Abigail C.


My health goals were to eat less processed foods, develop a better work-life balance and get into a steady exercise routine.  Karen taught me the value of living healthy.  Through her program, I developed confidence in making good food choices, I incorporated exercise into my daily life and I learned to set boundaries at work and in my personal life so I can take better care of me!

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