Envision Hypnosis of Southern Maryland, LLC

Envision Hypnosis of Southern Maryland, LLC
Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI
Board Certified; Hypnotist & Instructor

“Silence Your Inner Critic” is designed to enable you to identify mindsets that might not be serving you, blocking your perception and abundance, and preventing you from living your life fully and authentically.

We will work together, in your bonus session, to flip the limited to the empowered so you can be more productive, more content, and more YOU; the YOU you were intended to be all along!  It’s exciting and fun work and extremely rewarding because you experience results in one visit!

Linda Lee’s program is available in multiple session packages based on individual need.

Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI is part of the elite 2% Board Certified Hypnotists (BCH) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest national professional hypnosis organization. As a Board Certified Instructor, she is busy teaching and certifying future Hypnotists, writing new curriculum, advanced certification trainings and is in the process of writing a book on healing the children within. She is also a member of good standing with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH). Plank-Morgan specializes in Healthcare Support Hypnosis, is a LifeStyle and Hope Coach working with clients of Cancer and dire illness out of Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Anne Arundel, and Calvert Health Hospitals.

She holds 11 advanced certifications to name a few: Medical, Pain, Cancer, and Forensic Hypnosis, The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Protocol, Testing Performance and PTSD. She is a Relapse Prevention Specialist currently assisting in the addiction needs of Calvert County and speaks to support and private groups, as well as, wellness seminars for local businesses and organizations. She has written 4 programs for kids 8-12 and is busy with schools in Calvert, Charles and Anne Arundel working to teach them how to: empower their own self-belief systems for excellence; use neuroplasticity techniques to re-wire reactions and behaviors; use mindfulness as a coping tool to control anxiety, stress, and anger; and how to raise self-awareness within themselves to heal, grow, and face the many challenges within our schools today.

Leaving her 35+ year career in education working K-12 with Deaf and Special Needs children and the medical field, she went into her hypnosis training at 55 years of age! Immediately after becoming certified she opened her practice, Envision Hypnosis of Southern MD, LLC and is now in her 5th year. Linda Lee believes it is never too early or too late to change your life. You simply must begin “one layer at a time”.