Local FARMacy Corner: Chesapeake Farmery LLC

Local FARMacy Corner: Chesapeake Farmery LLC

Last week, I enrolled in my first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. I’ve been considering this idea for a very long time. The more I learn about how food is grown and raised, the more I am drawn to buying my food from local farmers who value organic, non-GMO produce and humanely-raised animals.

When I looked into the benefits and risks of CSAs, the LocalHarvest was a great resource. It educated me on the pros and cons and I decided that the perfect CSA program for me and my family would include:

  1. Organic, non-GMO produce
  2. Year-round produce
  3. Minimal risk
  4. Delivery vs pick up

Meet Chesapeake Farmery, LLC – they are my perfect CSA program. Jimmy Jones and his daughter, Samantha, run this coop of Southern Maryland Farmers that grow and harvest food that is top quality organic and non-GMO. And like me, Chesapeake Farmery believes that food is medicine so it’s important to them that they provide their customers with the healthiest, safest produce they grow. Their standards are extremely high and I appreciate that!

During the growing season, the produce comes from plants grown in soil but, in the off season, the produce is grown both hydroponically and in soil in the current greenhouse in St. Mary’s County. They are transitioning into a NEW greenhouse being built in Prince Frederick, MD (Calvert County) this winter.  Click here to learn about hydroponics vs soil farming methods. The other great benefit to this greenhouse is that it will employ adults with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and veterans suffering with PTSD. So win-win-win all the way around!

I’m excited to share Chesapeake Farmery with you and the residents of Calvert County. Give them a call. They will be happy to provide you with their healthiest produce.

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